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Here are some interesting facts about Bofloor UK Ltd. PVC flooring tiles and their applications as factory floor, shop floor, industrial floor, floor kitchens or catering floor.

Tried and tested for over 20 years, the BoFix flooring system consists of high-quality PVC tiles manufactured from 100 % recycled PVC.
The tiles are multi-functional in use and suitable for use in almost every commercial environment.

Once laid, the system is immediately totally sealed, watertight and load resistant.
Unlike traditional flooring methods, installation can often be carried out during normal production times, keeping downtime to a minimum or even causing no down time at all.

BoFix can be used in new constructions or for site renovations.

- Very hard wearing and resistant to extremely high loads.

- Impact resistant.

- Applicable to all load bearing subfloors.

- Stable material, so no shrinking, splitting or cracking.

- No curing times – immediately load resistant and able to accept traffic .

- Thermally insulating, so no more cold feet !

- High sound absorption levels, creating a more tranquil environment.

- Ergonomic.

- Easily cleanable, keeping maintenance costs to a minimum.

- Resistant to most greases, oils and chemicals.

- Impermeable.

- Hygienic, according to HACCP - ( Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points ) standards.

 - Fire resistant - Class 1 .



Example article

At Cheshire Oaks Service Station, Gordon Hill, the owner had been spending time and money every few years re coating  the floor of the workshop areas. This usually required the workshop to be closed for a few days whilst the floor was prepared and had the various coating layers applied. Within a few months the cracks started to appear again and areas of the coating would start to peel and...

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Providing commercial and industrial flooring solutions.

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