Providing commercial and industrial flooring solutions

A flooring that is quick to install with minimal downtime

Choosing the correct flooring solutions for any commercial or public environment is of the highest importance.

Factors such as cost, appearance, safety, durability and ease of maintenance all need to be considered.

Bofloor UK Ltd provides heavy duty pvc-flooring, suitable for all types of industrial and commercial areas including

  • workshops
  • manufacturing
  • commercial kitchens
  • food factories
  • agriculture

It is quickly proving to be the fast & clean alternative to vinyls, ceramics, epoxy resins, polyurethane screeds and coatings.

Example article

At Cheshire Oaks Service Station, Gordon Hill, the owner had been spending time and money every few years re coating  the floor of the workshop areas. This usually required the workshop to be closed for a few days whilst the floor was prepared and had the various coating layers applied. Within a few months the cracks started to appear again and areas of the coating would start to peel and...

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Providing commercial and industrial flooring solutions.

More than 1.000.000 m2 installed.

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